Continental Engineering Service RSX ABS-Kit

Frequently Asked Questions

The RSX ABS-Kit is developed and manufactured by Continental Engineering Services. It is based on the Continental MK 100 ABS-System.

    • Active type sensors are supported: 2-Level (7/14 mA) or 3-Level (7/14/28 mA) with Manchester protocol
    • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) protocols are currently not supported. Update will follow in the future. Check latest SW updates.
    • Wheel speed sensors are not included in the RSX ABS Kit and need to be sourced independently
Yes, the external pressure sensor feedbacks the brake pressure of the secondary (rear) brake circuit. Front/rear brake circuit split is mandatory.

Yes, the RSX ABS CAN-Baudrate can be configured to 500kBaud or 1MBaud.

Yes, both CANs (Vehicle & Private) need to be terminated with a electrical resistance of 120 Ohm during the wiring harness build up.
Yes, the RSX Tool allows to adjust tuning parameters for ABS and EBD.
Yes, the RSX ABS provides two times six modes at the rotary mode switch: Six mode-configurations in analog valve control mode and six mode-configurations in digital valve control mode. The analog mode is recommended for gentlemen drivers, whilst the digital mode should be used by drivers braking closed to blocking pressure.

You can download the manual here: Downloads

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