RSX Motorsport ABS-Kit


Optimal Braking Performance in any Situation.

The new Continental RSX Motorsport – ABS Kit, that builds upon the already highly performant MK 100 System, has been developed for all kinds of High-Performance and Racecars. Our new Software approach outperforms all competitor products in class and beyond this. Especially on bumpy circuits is where the Continental Kit really trumps. However, also on smooth circuits the system shines with magnificent performance.

Included in the Kit is the IMU (6-DOF), an additional pressure sensor, a Mode selector as well as all required connectors.

Please note, the Continental RSX ABS-Kit is not homologated for street use!

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Maximum Performance

Shortest braking distances in any situation. Optimised settings enhance performance and result in faster laptimes.

Mode selector button

Thanks to 12 different settings that are in-cockpit adjustable to suit any surface situation, the driver can always rely on the system. In bad weather conditions, the mode selector button can be used to choose a suitable stability-oriented setting.


Based on the world-wide renowned and well-proven Continental MK 100 ABS-System.

Drive Type

Suitable for all kinds of drivetrain. No matter if Front-, Rear- or All-Wheel Drive. (All-Wheel Drive in future via Firmware-update)

Optimised for Motorsport

Software optimised for Motorsport, to guarantee highest levels of Performance and Safety.


Easy installation through bespoke wiring harness and utilisation of existing wheel speed sensor architecture. Diagnosis-Interface included in the Kit.


Individual Setups, adjustable control characteristic makes for perfect adjustment to suit the vehicle and driver.


Outstanding Support for Questions and Problems.

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RSX Config-Tool Demo 145.30 MB 129 downloads

Version 3.4 - 08/2022 - EN ...

Handbuch - Manual RSX 2.95 MB 207 downloads

Version 1.0 - 06/2022 - EN ...

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